Drying and Storing Herbs

Tis the season for drying herbs! My oregano has gone crazy this year. I've already filled up one and a half pint jars of dried oregano, and made a batch of pesto and it's only June... Good thing I really like oregano pesto. 

Ready-to-harvest thyme

Since we live in the rather wet climate of the Pacific Northwest, I opt to dry my herbs in a dehydrator rather than letting them hang or sun dry. I'd like to try those methods, but I'd need a good stretch of reliably warm weather first. So for now, I stick with the dehydrator. We have a Nesco dehydrator that you can get from Walmart.


When drying my herbs, I like to pull larger leaves (like sage and oregano) off the stems first. You don't have to, but that's my preference. I think it makes it easier to crush them up and store them in the jar without having to fish out stems. 



Storing Dried Herbs

Once everything is finished drying, I dump the dried herbs into a large bowl and then transfer them to a ziplock bag. I crush them up in the bag with my hands, then pour the crushed herbs into a mason jar for storage. 

Ryan bought a label maker a while back and I love that thing! I used it to label all of my homeschool stuff, and now my mason jars. You can get these Mason Jars and Mason Jar Lids from Walmart too.

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